Announcing the partnership with AEWIN

NodeWeaver, innovators of a completely autonomous edge cloud solution, is partnering with AEWIN, a leader in network communication and security industries, to bring software-defined solutions for the end-to-end Ethernet, SDN/NFV-ready product portfolio, and deliver significant advantages to service providers. Developed through a collaboration with NodeWeaver, our solution includes the powerful service chaining of containerized and virtualized network functions that are delivered on AEWIN’s high performance yet cost effective x86 (both Intel and AMD) white boxes.

Both software teams collaborated to integrate NodeWeaver with AEWIN’s x86 platforms; which includes the fully orchestrated mix of virtual machine-based network functions alongside containerized applications running on the same platform. “It has been a few years since uCPE-based SD-WANs hit the market. we are seeing many deployment frameworks when we look at the evolution of SD-WAN and SASE deployments.” stated Ken Huang, Chief Technology Officer at AEWIN. “We are proud to be working with NodeWeaver. The virtualized network functions environment, efficiently delivered require data to cloud infrastructure on top of our x86 appliances.” "The combination of AEWIN and NodeWeaver, provides an optimized, flexible, and reliable platform for network and communication service providers.” said Carlo Daffara, CEO of NodeWeaver. “As distributed compute becomes critical for network and communication operations, these platforms must be deployed, managed, maintained, and secured on a mass scale. NodeWeaver and AEWIN provide the ideal execution environment for this distributed computing layer."

Running workloads at the edge requires different economics, architecture, and philosophy versus hyperscale cloud or core. NodeWeaver was designed for the unique distributed computing requirements of the edge - instead of dealing with a few very large compute clusters, the edge requires many small clusters, which is a fundamentally different architecture. AEWIN’s uCPE is offered in 3 different configurations that is optimized for specific sized stores, and application workload requirements:

  • Entry-level platform based on SCB-6911/13 & SCB-6990 (Intel), system that is small, running basic applications.
  • Mid-range platform based on SCB-1723 & SCB-1826 (Intel) and SCB-1721 &SCB-1833 (AMD) which can run multiple applications at the edge.
  • High performance platform based on BIS-5204 & SCB-1921/1923 (Intel) and SCB-1935 (AMD) with rich storage and networking options.

These platforms support FPGA/GPU accelerations which are needed for medium to large enterprises.