New importing images and VMs from other hypervisors

One of the most time consuming part of migrating to a private cloud platform is the process of moving images and virtual machine from an existing virtualization platform - extracting, converting and moving multi-terabyte images requires multiple steps, multiple programs and a whole world of patience. This part just became a whole lot faster and easier, thanks to the new NodeWeaver import wizards!

The first wizard simplifies the import process for disk images, in the native formats used by platforms like VMware, Microsoft HyperV, Xen and Proxmox. Just drop the image in the network share created by NodeWeaver, and go to the import wizard interface:

New_ importing images and VMs from other hypervisors

You will find your images - select all those you want to import, and they will be automatically converted in the appropriate format and loaded within NodeWeaver, ready to be found in the Images section of the platform.

The same applies for complete VMs:

New_ importing images and VMs from other hypervisors

We support the popular VMX and OVA formats, and the wizard will automatically generate the correct images, a populated virtual network card and a complete VM template ready to be started. Of course, multiple VMs can be imported at once, and the process does not introduce slowdowns on existing workloads.

Scared of moving hundreds of VMs by hand? Leave it to NodeWeaver, and relax.