NodeWeaver 11 is here. Now, SMBs can have the IT they deserve

NodeWeaver 11 is here.

It has been a long journey, with more than 2 years of research and a total rewrite, but the most easy-to-use IT platform in existence has just appeared on the market. Call it private cloud, call it hyperconvergence, call it software defined datacenter: it’s just the most advanced IT platform for small and medium businesses in existence.

NodeWeaver transforms your existing servers into a single entity, capable of managing virtual machines, networks and storage and handling automatically any kind of fault. With a simple web interface, integrated backups and snapshots, disaster recovery and the easiest to use self-service portal for end users, NodeWeaver is the result of 5 years of EU research packaged into a platform that can be installed in just 5 minutes by anyone.

Some of the features that come out-of-the-box:

  • High efficiency KVM hypervisor, that thanks to our exclusive binary rewriting module is capable to run VMs on public clouds as well as your physical nodes
  • Integrated Software Defined Networking: create and manage virtual networks, virtual switches, and manage VLANs even on unmanaged switches
  • Integrated monitoring and system auditing; let NodeWeaver warn you of potential problems before they happen, and let it handle faults and emergencies
  • Integrated IO and network limiting/QoS: one of your VM is giving you problems? Check who the culprit is thanks to the native IOPS probes, and limit it with total flexibility
  • Let NodeWeaver handle IO requests with its embedded dynamic optimizer, or decide what kind of media to use for each virtual disk - at run time, live, and with no downtime
  • Backups, snapshots, and image inspection with the capability to extract single files from any image
  • Integrated Desktop-as-a-Service functionalities, with gold images, non-persistent virtual machines, timed actions and support for multimedia and USB remoting through the SPICE and NX protocols

NodeWeaver is the result of an idea - that every company, of every size - must be able to run their IT without worrying about hardware or software faults.

And we are ready to show that this is possible today.